Orientation Course 

The objectives of this training are:

  1. ·         Preparing participants to reflect on and develop a key learning skills and techniques that would impact their academic and professional achievement.
  2. ·        Increase knowledge and skills of students in planning, writing essays and assignments, gathering information and using the library.
  3. ·         Use a system (Quasar Method) for greater interactivity with texts and articles.
  4. ·         Effectively plan and structure a talk.
  5. ·         Summarize information.


The training was conducted in the forms of lectures and workshops based on participatory approach considering dialogue, collaboration and discussion between groups from one side and groups and instructors from the other side. The instructor diversified the training tools including but not limited to PowerPoint presentation, exercises and case studies. This helped students in empowering creative abilities and enhancing their academic skills by self-learning and learning by doing.

                And this attached file including the map (headlines) for this course.

              Academic Orientation course outline.pdf

The material: 

1_ Academic essays.pdf

2_ Reading skills - Midwifery 2014.pdf

3_ Academic Writing skills - midwifery 2014 Final.pdf