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"Clinical Supervision for Maternity Departments' Supervisors"


This program implemented by:Islamic University of Gaza  (IUG)  

     Cooperation with Ministry of health (MOH)

And funded by the Norwegian
Aid Committee ( NORWAC) 


Supervision is a valuable component of midwifery practice and its success reflects the ability of those who are in the position of supervisors in the field of midwifery.  It is therefore important to get the right person into the role.

This program aims to improve midwifery services provided by the institutions of the Ministry of Health through the development of skills of midwives and their abilities which can be provided by qualified system of supervision in accordance with international standards of supervision. As part of national development goals, this project will contribute to the development of the health care system in Gaza by contributing to the achievement of equitable distribution and effective health care services through the Development of health staff working in the Gaza Strip.